#ROW80 – Project AR and the Day 35 Progress Report

Today I wrote the final line of Project AR. I haven’t finished the story – far from it, as you’ll see from the chart. But I’ve reached the end of my first draft, and I had an Epilogue to write, and when I wrote that last line, I had to stop.

Flippin’ dust in my eye, or something. Had to clear my throat a few times, too.

Anyhow, I have made progress:

Project AR, Day 35

Project AR, Day 35

1. Project AR: In addition to the emotional ending hinted at above, I seem to have found another 10K words or so in my files, so the word-count now totals an accidental 50K. That’s good enough for a first draft. I reckon another twenty thousand or so and I’ll have a story that’s fit for reading.

Maybe not by the general public – not yet – but my first readers will be the judge of that. I don’t thank them often enough, so here: THANK YOU, dear First Readers, for your reflections and suggestions and encouragement. You don’t know how much it helps. Or perhaps you do… in the hope that one day I might write something that leaves you breathless.

I’m working at it.

2. Kobo publishing: No progress, but with the first draft done I may start tinkering around the edges somewhat. I’ve begun work on better covers for some of the stories. I need to start work on making sure the inner formatting is good too.

3. Large Print: No progress. See goal #1 for my excuse.

4. Regular blog posts: Day 35 is one a week. I’ve been writing posts for later, when Project AR is unveiled under its proper name and with a real cover, not a white label, published, for sale. But that’s a long way off yet. Stay tooned.

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  1. Congrats on finishing your first draft. It isn’t the end, but it is a big step. I wish you the best with it!

    • Thanks! I am pretty stoked about this myself – this is the third novel I’ve written this year, and I think it’s the best so far.
      Then again, don’t we always think that? ;-)

  2. Congrats on the first draft goal! Can’t wait to see how you did this weekend!

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