#ROW80 – Project AR and the Day 42 Progress Report

This last week has been one of rest. The sort of rest that involves contemplation, couch-surfing and curry.

I have made no progress with writing or any of my other goals. And I’m cool with that.

1. Project AR: New title fits nicely into a striking cover, so I’ve been noodling along with shaping that up while the next 20-30K words filter through my story.

One of the characters is a bit thin at the moment and too much like someone in another novel, so I have to flesh him out a little. He has at least two major relationships in his life that require further details so he’s real, not just an avatar.

Plus, in doing my research for the next layer of texture I discovered that my characters appear in Paris a scant few months after the June Rebellion which features in Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

If only the locals had proved friendly...

Paris Rebellion of 1832, of Les Miserables fame.

One of these days you’ll get a blog post on French writers of the 19th Century…

2. Kobo publishing: Nope.

3. Large Print: Nope.

4. Regular blog posts: Not right now, although this is once a week. I have blog posts building up for when I’ve published this current novel - maps, lifestyles, history, sources. Lots of nice links and pictures. But not yet.

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  1. December is bad for regular writing, basta … ;/

    • Nightmare indeed! :-)

  2. Hey, if you’re tinkering with it, you’re still making some kind of progress!

    • Thanks – and I have an awesome cover waiting for the finished piece!

      • Cool! I can’t wait for the day when I have cover art!

  3. it’s that time of year when we slow down – ready for next burst after festivities – all the best:)

    • Spot on! Thanks, Alberta!

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