#ROW80 – Project AR and the Day 49 Progress Report

The Winter Solstice is nearly upon us, and in my part of the world that means long dark nights with grey short days in between.The urge to hibernate is strong. We are even promised snow flurries tomorrow, which after tonight’s torrential gales will be something of a relief.

1. Project AR: I have begun to edit the First Draft, with the aim of adding another 20-30K words or so. Three chapters done so far, twenty-five to go. Not rushing this. I won’t have it done before Hogmanay, but I might have a complete Second Draft by Burns Night. Watch this space.

Do you reckon I could gob on his hat from here, hein? Careful, Pierre, you don't want to kick something off...Meanwhile, my researches into the world of Paris in 1832, to add flavour to the story, have awoken an urge to visit the city and live there for a couple of weeks, student-style, and swan around the places mentioned in some of my favourite novels – Declare, by Tim Powers, for example, or the aforementioned Les Miserables.

Not going to happen.

But I’m fascinated by the differences between Paris and London – two of Europe’s great capital cities, both founded on rivers, both ancient and jam-packed with history and art.

More on this later, when the novel is finished…

2. Kobo publishing: Nope.

3. Large Print: Nope.

4. Regular blog posts: Once a week is regular. Just not healthy “regular”, if you know what I mean…

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  1. Good luck with the edits and yeah, Paris is one of those cities I would love to see. Especially after reading a book that had a couple chapters on the Paris Underground.

    • I’ve been through Paris a few times – crossing the city by Metro – but apart from a whistle-stop scoot around the Louvre while Inter-railing about 20 years ago…
      Not seen the Eiffel Tower, or the cemetery where Jim Morrison may (or may indeed not) be buried. Not yet!

  2. […] possibly a trip to visit Paris, although I haven’t made it so […]

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