Welcome. That’s it?

Welcome to the world of Louis Beauregard and the Cuckoo Club; the home of Sylvester de Winter and the Russian Occidental; of Ice Ages, river goddesses, and the rise of civilisation.

A place where gods and goddesses roam our modern cities like they did in Ancient Greece. Where the physical elements of place become the basis for mythology; where geology and genetics combine through millenia, across continents, and have no barriers of race or religion or gender.

Here you’ll find a little bit of steampunk and a little bit of old skool adventure. Archaeology, pharaohs, Neanderthals and yeti hunters. Two-headed serpents in the drinking-fountain; bicycle technicians and the rite of Spring.

My influences are varied, and the list is long.

As the first post on this blog, I ought to tell you a little about myself. Maybe a lot about myself.

Ain’t gonna happen… at least, not like that.

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