Can’t I have a sword too?

Tobias Buckell has a post over on his blog about Lego, and their new attempt to appeal to little girls. (I’m not entirely sure whether he was being sarcastic.)

When I was a little girl I had no problem with Lego – that’s what you build spaceships from when it’s raining outdoors, and how else does a young lass get to be Princess Leia* if she doesn’t have her own spaceship?

Anyway, Lego seem to think it involves making the plastic pieces in different colours and – get this – Lego handbags.


The quote that raised my hackles was from a designer:

“No one could understand, why do we need more than one handbag? So I’d have to say, well, is one sword enough for the knights, or is it better to have a dagger, too?”

Umm… thanks, Lego.

Speaking from experience, handbags only become important for girls over the age of twelve, and then only one week in four. I’ll go for the sword-and-dagger combo.princess leia with a gun

With a sword and a dagger, a girl can find someone ELSE to carry a handbag.

P.S. I agree with Tobias about the colours, though.

*I mean the Princess Leia in the first Star Wars film. Although she did a bit of waiting around to be rescued and all (yawn!), she DID get lippy at Darth Vader and the Grand Moff Tarkin**. Which is more than Luke managed.

**Although I can’t watch the bit with Peter Cushing without remembering the story that his boots were so uncomfortable he filmed his parts wearing carpet slippers. Somehow makes him more of a bad guy, not less.

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