London, 1888: last chapter completed…

I’ve done it.

I’ve finished the last chapter of the not-a-Jack-the-Ripper-novel, tonight, about twenty minutes ago.

It’s been a long time coming.

Since I wrote the first/second draft I’ve added another 20,000 words, sifted in layers over the story like a fine dusting of ash. I was aiming to have it completed by Yuletide, so that’s a small success I can celebrate: I stuck to my plan.

Am I happy with it? Almost. (I defy anyone who’s ever written anything to say they can’t find something to tweak…)

Is it the best I can do at this moment in time, with this level of skill and experience? Yes, I believe so.

More soon. Oh, so much more.

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  1. I have a bad habit of commenting on a post and intending to come back and see what else the writer has to offer–and forgetting to do it. So, thanks for commenting on my Smashwords comment and reminding me. Because i love the way you described the words being added to a novel. I’ve added about 10,000 words, so far, to my NaNo novel, and it does feel somewhat like a fine dusting of ash. I also think about the process as putting flesh on bones.

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