What if opportunity doesn’t knock?

If opportunity doesn’t knock…

…maybe it has run off with your wife.

…maybe it has taken your pizza back to the shop for the staff to eat later.

…it has probably not yet left a flaming box of poo on your doorstep. Maybe it can’t get the matches to light, or it’s searching for a dog. Whatever.

…it can’t ask you for money.

…it won’t be able to reach the doorbell either.

…it must be terrified of your awesome reputation. It’s probably hiding behind the hedge with its mates, giggling nervously.

…it’s just got a call from the X Factor auditions, and it’s doing the happy dance all over your lawn. Probably with an unlit box of dog poo in its hand. Or maybe the pizza box.

…maybe it’s because you live in a tent.

…it’s running late, because two doors down it ran into a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses and they all went for a coffee together. Honestly, it’ll get round to you, just after it’s finished another latte.

And finally, if opportunity doesn’t knock…

…build a door.

dragon door, latvian woodwork, japanese joinery at naturalhomes.org

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