An Excellent Post About Scrivener

Someone recently asked me about Scrivener, a piece of software I use and love; and, in lieu of today’s post (which was going to be about something else) I recommend you hightail it over Lorelle Van Fossen’s blog and scroll down to the bottom half of the post for the best summary description of Scrivener’s abilities that I’ve read.

Phew! Now I don’t have to do this myself…

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’d love to hear why you love Scrivener so much and how you use it. So many people use it so differently, tips and tricks are always welcome.

    I’m still having trouble with different features so I love learning more about it. I’m extra frustrated with the lack of an adequate import feature in the Windows version (available in Mac but not Win) to automatically segregate file imports into “chapters.” It just comes in as one giant document. I’ve seven such imports with dozens and dozens of sections that are so tedious to process in Scrivener and getting the import fixed for Windows would definitely make life easier.

    Anyway, please share your tips and tricks. I love learning more about this powerful too. Thanks!

  2. Ooh, you mean I do have to write the post I planned to write on Scrivener?
    I’ve not tried to import a whole document and expect it to sort into chapters automatically. I’ve imported chapters I wrote on another machine, but that’s because I located the .rtf and imported that one on its own.
    I use it differently for different types of project. Hmm, at the risk of running onto another page with this reply (hehe), I really should write that how-I-use-Scrivener post…
    Thanks for the comment. Keep up the good work!

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