How Long Do You Want?


What if we stayed hale until 100? Fertile, as women, until 90? Life expectancy = 150,the same way it’s now predicted in the most developed nations to be 88 or so.

What elements of our lives would we rush, and what would we delay?

And how many of us would realise that for most of the world’s people, all those who lived before and most of those alive now, at my mid-forties I am considered an Elder.

Woo, scary.

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  1. It’s an interesting idea to think about. This gives me an interesting idea of a future where the lifespans have dropped drastically once again, and tales are told of the “ancient ones” who lived such majestically long lives of 88 years, when the eldest ones now only reach 45 years.

    I’m sure that life as we know it would be much different if we could live to 150, and have kids at 90. Many would definitely delay families until financial barriers could be overcome, where now women end up waiting too long to have children. I can’t even imagine all the ramifications, but it’s definitely an intriguing idea.

  2. Just one of those thoughts, really. Plenty of SF stories have alien races who live longer than humans. Once you get into the notion that everything has a generic lifespan which varies between species, things start to get interesting…

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