ROW80 Round 4, Episode Eight

Bonfire Night* has been and gone with the first real frost of winter. We even had snow!

Goals: Finish writing the first draft of one incomplete novel (Project RC).

A Round Of Words In 80 DaysNotes: Three thousand words on Saturday to finish off a short story I started in May, and another five thousand editing Project RC. The total wordcount is now running at 87K and I’m sure it will hit 100K when I’m done.

I don’t mind. It will be whatever length is needed in order to tell the story.

I have a couple of major plot twists to add and a few more character-defining moments. Having split the three strands of the story into separate volumes within Scrivener and renumbered the chapters, I can see that if I want to maintain three strands, all three must carry equal weight. I can’t expect readers to remember – or care – about a character and a situation they read about four chapters before unless there is a good reason to care about it all. More work required, methinks.

Anyhoo, the PK novel I wrote during a previous ROW80 has come back from first readers with approval (and a request for more). That’s 2013 sorted out then

Updates: Every Wednesday and Sunday until the challenge is over, as per the Rules.

Links: Find other ROW80 participants here.

*(Bonfire Night. Look it up on Wikipedia. We Brits do strange historical things, y’know. ).

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  1. Awesome word count! I’ve never been able to write a book as long as the one you’re working on. Good luck with all your projects! :)

    • Thanks! I used to think I’d never written anything this long either, then I found an old story I wrote about twelve years ago and didn’t finish, and it was about 120K, so I know I can do it…
      But can I do it by Yuletide?

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