Mermaids, Real or Otherwise

In the midst of formatting a print edition of Petticoat Shorts (Volume One) I suddenly remembered that I’d intended to link a little to the mermaid business, as this was the subject of the first Petticoat Katie and Sledgehammer Girl short story, The Missing Mermaid.

In that story the women investigate the disappearance of a prized Feejee The amazing, the incredible, Feejee mermaidmermaid and in the act they meet, for the first time, the sophisticated Mr Scipio Jones.

What is a Feejee mermaid, I hear you ask over the interweb ether?

As Wikipedia would have it:

“The Fiji mermaid (also Feejee mermaid) was an object comprising the torso and head of a juvenile monkey sewn to the back half of a fish, covered in papier-mâché”

And over there’s what one looks like.

Would you believe people still encounter these marvellous creatures now, in the 21st Century? Apparently there’s new colonies discovered every day, especially by chaps like Juan Cabana.

Fascinating, no?

All right, I know we were meant to be living in orbit by now…

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