ROW80 Round 4, Episode Ten

Why does it seem like December is almost upon us, when there’s still five writing days of November left?

Goals: Finish writing the first draft of one incomplete novel (Project RC).

A Round Of Words In 80 DaysNotes: I don’t think I’ll finish this story by the end of the month – and I couldn’t be happier about that.

It isn’t failure.

Since my last post, I’ve written steadily on Project RC, and the draft is now up to 97K words. I’m roughly a third through the edit. I suspect the finished work will be well over 120K, and none of it fluff.

My main character’s storyline has come alive with dialogue and activity, mainly removing words like “he found himself staring” and replacing that with “he stared”. Simple stuff, really. (And having just read two novels where we follow the main character as he does stuff without talking to anyone, I am determined my own characters will interact with others.)

So I have a whole lot of work to do, and one of the other characters has a life to develop, and two others have to talk, and this will take time. At 3-or-4,000 words per week, it might take until March.

If it takes till next November to get it right, that’s what it takes.

In addition, I’ve formatted covers for a new series of short stories, including print editions and Large Print editions, and the first novel in a related trilogy which is just back from my first readers (with positive noises). They look great. That’s work set up for December, and there’s no rush.

I’ve plotted out the storyboard for the novel I’m planning to write in January-March next year, a sequel to the one mentioned above, and I’ve started to develop the storylines further, because there’s a third story in the series, and this second one is the bridge. It’s a lot of fun.

Finally, I’ve set up the framework for some promotional blog posts when I finally finish Project RC, talking about the main points of the novel, the history, geography and culture of the setting, that sort of thing. Those will be scheduled (got to love WordPress features like that!) and linked and eventually might see the light of day as an ebook Reader’s Companion.

And the nicest thing about all this: There Is No Pressure.

I’m in charge of my production schedule. If I choose to skip writing for a week (and with the festive period approaching that seems very likely), nobody will suffer for it.

Least of all me.

Is it time to go festive shopping yet?

Updates: Every Wednesday and Sunday until the challenge is over, as per the Rules.

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  1. Sounds like a great balance between productivity and not driving yourself crazy in the meantime! Best of luck on finishing your novel in an amount of time that makes sense with all of the holidays.

    • Thanks, Michael!

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