Dream Of Giant-Killing

A few days ago I posted about the current Patricia Cornwell court case in the USA, with the simple question:

Are you ready for success like this?

The answer I gave was as simple as the question: No, not yet.

The Sea Troll, by Theodor Kittelsen (1887)

The Sea Troll, by Theodor Kittelsen (1887) via Wikipedia under Creative Commons licence

Is anyone ever ready for success like that? Or does it come gradually, over years, a drip-drip-drip of increasing sales revenue and business deals that numb the senses to what is actually running through one’s bank account?

And is it possible to practice for such success? Is it practical?

The answer to those questions must be one only you can answer.

There are precursors.

In the early 1980s, David Coverdale joined Deep Purple from working behind the counter at a menswear shop somewhere in the north of England. He stepped onto a world stage in front of an audience of millions and never looked back, nor faltered.

In the early 1990s, Joanne Rowling removed her girly name in favour of initials and pitched a series of books that passed into publishing legend.

Not impossible.

So what, you ask? How does this fit me, and my niche, and my undiscovered novels of the naked mole-rat family – or Bible-bashing bimbos – or horses in space?

We must dream of giant-killing.

Like heroes of old, like heroines of the new millennium, we can see giants out there who will not live forever. Some of us will make damn sure of it.

Dream of giant-killing, and sharpen your pen.

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