Year’s End, and a new beginning

At Year’s End, here’s my writing achievements for 2014.

1. Published SHADOWBOX, the second of the Cuckoo Club novels to feature Louis Beauregard.Shadowbox: Every man has an enemy within him...

2. Wrote and published a month-long series of blog posts about SHADOWBOX, including how the story came about, why I chose the structure and what I researched to give the story its authentic flavour.

3. Designed new covers for THE LAST RHINEMAIDEN and THE BEAD MERCHANT in the same style as the cover for SHADOWBOX, so the serious novels all have the same style.

4. Published MONKEY BUSINESS, the third Petticoat Katie novel, which completes the trilogy I set out to write three years ago.Monkey Business by Vita Tugwell

5. Wrote the short stories THE LINT FILTER, THE RETURN OF THE BLOOD and REPLY TO ALL, all of which were published on this blog. I also wrote three more short stories which have yet to be published, and a handful of poems.

6. Maintained a regular weekly posting on this blog, every Wednesday, which I intend to continue into 2015 and beyond (as I’m spared).

7. Began to build up the stories I intend to write in the next couple of years. This includes four more Petticoat Katie stories, an unrelated crime series, three more Cuckoo Club novels and a great megalomaniac heart attack of a Gothic novel extruding itself through my skin, page by page.

Am I satisfied with my body of work? Not yet. Not by a long chalk.

Free poem! Very short! West Wind (c) Lee McAulay 2014

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