Screen Gritty – Send Eyedrops

The first chapter of Project PK4, as it will be known, has begun. And then begun again.

And then I stopped, because I knew I still had some prep work to do – storyboard, structure, choosing who amongst my reasonable cast of characters will have a starring role in this story.

Instead of working on this, I made some changes to this site after reading What Every Author’s Website Should Contain, via the ever-helpful Lorelle’s WordPress For Writers.

Och, it’s an ongoing thing.

The Colour Of Pomegranates. This is how my eyes feel right now.

This is how my eyes feel right now.

On stop of this, today I had an unscheduled three-hour drive in near-gridlock which used up my patience and my eyesight as I’m currently nursing a bout of conjunctivitis I’ve had since Yuletide. When it comes to BOSHOK (Bum On Seat, Hands On Keyboard) the day job gets first dibs at the eyes, gritty and red and not-to-be-rubbed.

Plus, we had snow.

While I was stuck in traffic.

Still waiting for the writing year to really kick off. When it does, I’ll let you know.

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  1. The website is a never-ending project, don’t I know! Keep working at it.

    Doesn’t blogging help your writing overall? I spent 15 minutes with a long time writer yesterday discussing the intricacies of how to incorporate a link “the right way” into a sentence to avoid the dreaded “click here” words. After we thrashed all the different ways to make the link a natural part of the sentence, she sat back and announced that she had just broken through one of her mental blocks on a section of her book. I couldn’t see how the two had anything in common until she explained that the words hadn’t been right. By breaking up the sentence to consider all the various ways to say it, she realized that she needed to do the same thing with her editing. She emailed me this morning to tell me that she hadn’t even slept. The dam had broken and she was writing like a mad woman, thrilled with every word. Wow!

    It’s fascinating to see how blogging and writing for the web improves your traditional writing, isn’t it?

    • Ooh, Hi Lorelle – thanks for dropping by and leaving such a meaty comment!
      It’s almost a game, how to add flow around a link so it seems natural. I’ve played this before, in stories, when I’ve worked song lyrics into the characters’ speech, or into a description.
      A friend writes for television and says if he’s bored he’ll try to add quotes from his favourite SF shows into the screenplay… Now there’s something to look out for!
      P.S. Thanks to your blog I’ve learned so much about writing for the web, and blogging, which I’d never have considered otherwise. It’s certainly different from fiction. And I hope mine’s improving… 🙂

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