Five Festive Films For Yuletide – Again

With a gap in 2016 due to my sabbatical, this post picks up on the previous two –

Five Unusual Films For Yuletide

Five more unusual films for Yuletide

In keeping with that scant tradition, here’s my recommendations for this year’s festive viewing. I prefer to suggest interesting entertainment to contrast the seasonal dominance of cutesy cartoons and/or ubermacho explode-y violence, both of which have their place; this ain’t it.

1. Dr Zhivago. Snow, magnificent snow. One of the most beautiful films of the 1960s both in terms of visual appeal and story. Filmed in Canada and Spain, the cast includes Omar Sharif and Julie Christie and Tom Courtenay, often dwarfed by director David Lean’s huge landscape cinematography.

The frozen house in Dr Zhivago, actually filmed in Almeria

The frozen house in Dr Zhivago, actually filmed in Almeria

2. Historias Minimas. One of my friends described watching this gentle film in a form of mild anxiety, expecting that somehow things would take a turn for the worse (I suspect he was channeling Pulp Fiction too much). Another movie with gigantic scenery, this time of southern Argentina. (in Spanish with English subtitles)

3. Conversations With My Gardener. Gentle, sunny, charming film which – like Historias Minimas – hums along like a bumblebee amongst the honeysuckle on a warm brick wall. If you are the sort of person for whom the world in December is a non-stop parade of dull grey skies and cold winds, this one will warm you to the tootsies. (in French with English subtitles)

4. Last Orders. An ensemble cast of British actors in a gentle film about the lives of ordinary people, across decades. One to enjoy for the sake of viewing professional actors just – well, acting. The story has a nice balance, the sweetness blended with sadness in just the right measure. And there’s a camper van, for those of you who like that sort of thing.

5. Belleville Rendezvous aka The Triplets of Belleville. A modern classic. French animation, featuring an evil overlord, kidnappings, three weird sisters, a boy and his bicycle and his very determined mother. Worth viewing a couple of times to spot the small details you missed first time round.

Have a God Jul – and a happy Hogmanay!

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