Shadowbox (A Novel)

Shadowbox: Every man has an enemy within him.

Paris 1832. Fleeing a crime he cannot forget, Louis Beauregard drowns the memory in debauchery and revels – a life of excess that threatens to alienate his friends and cast him adrift in a city famous for glittering seductions and violent Revolution.

Mad, bad and dangerous to know, his trail attracts others who seek his fortune. But one of these men has a deeper desire: to avenge the death of his father.

Amongst the artisans of Montmartre and the tombs of Notre Dame, he will hunt Louis down and bring him to justice. Of any sort.

Both haunted by the death of the same man. Each striving to find meaning in the midst of their grief. And beneath it all, the Sacred Kingship of Old Europe, a destiny that drives men to destroy their rivals – or their dreams.

SHADOWBOX is the spellbinding new novel by the author of THE LAST RHINEMAIDEN.

In June 2014 I published a series of posts about my novel, SHADOWBOX. You can read these from the start, and each one should link to the next. Links on where to buy the novel are at the bottom of the page.


Germinal 1

Germinal 2

The Maps I Used In 1832

Rivers of Paris, Rivers of London

Paris in 1832

London in 1832

Le Roi Sacré

Mad, bad and dangerous to know

In Byron’s Shadow

Rogues Gallery

Who’s Who in 1832

First Light On Paris

Camera Obscura

The Magic Lantern Picture Show

Optical Illusions

The Amber Room


No Sleep Till Medtime

A Question of Honour

Crime & Punishment

Magic Lantern Shows

What’s Missing in 1832?

What Immortal Hand Or Eye

Dreadful Symmetry

A Song For Europe

Men of Steam

Anubis Awaits

All Roads Lead To The River


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