Goodbye To All Those

Since I started this blog, I’ve used the clever little WordPress “follow” feature to receive updates from a variety of other sites.

This was particularly useful when I was an active participant in A Round Of Words In 80 Days, as I followed a number of fellow participants when we all chipped in to report on our writing progress.

But: 100+ other blogs in my reader?

I can’t keep up.

Some of those sites have fallen silent, abandoned back in 2014 or earlier.

Some were only used to report writing progress as part of the RW80 Challenge, and the writer(s) have other sites off WordPress.

And some, I have to admit, were downright mind-boggling when I went through the list at the weekend to do some “weeding”.

As in, what the blazes was I thinking when I linked to this one? Since when was I interested in that subject? Has the writer changed focus so much in the last mmphle years that what was once fascinating is now tedious, or trite, or just off-key?

Quite a lot of those links were archived.

It’s 2017, after all. My recent sabbatical from posting online has taught me that a dormant site last updated in 2012 isn’t going to revive any time soon, no matter how interesting it might have been back then.

When the indie publishing scene kicked off big-time there was a lot of information to be assimilated, new ideas formulated and shared, upheaval and disruption and interesting times.

Not so much now.

Bertha Lum: The Fox Woman

Bertha Lum: The Fox Woman

We should all be open to new influences on our art and our writing: to fill the well, explore new ideas, be guided by different lanterns along an unfamiliar path; and to make space for those, some of the old used-up patches on our cloak have to be teased into rags, tied to a wayside tree and left behind to show our progress.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

(Art: while researching the copyright to an image I intended to use in the first draft of this post I meandered over wikipedia – as you do – until I found the fabulous Bertha Lum.)

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