Finished! The edits on Monkey Business, the third Petticoat Katie novel, were completed on 30 November.Monkey Business Ebook Cover

I am particularly pleased with this as the novel completes a trilogy, and not only gives me a new novel to publish but also a three-book compendium, to be published before Yuletide. (Yayy).

This is also the first time I’ve written a trilogy. (Double yayy).

A time of minor celebration, and of review, so I can apply the findings to new writing projects.

Just in time, too, as I’m coming down with a cold and going on another work-related training course that I expect will drain my energy levels as much as the one in January. (Un-yayy).

Of course, now I’ve finished this one I can start planning the next. I’ve another four in this series, loosely linked to the trilogy, and they’re going to be fun.

Bring on the goats.

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N.B. See Reason No.1

Recently (so I’m told) there’s been a lot of discussion on the web amongst writers about the difficulty of making a living as a writer.

I’ve not been a part of this, for at least two reasons:

1. I think I’d be better off writing (the WIBBOW test); and

2. I’m a long, long way from making a living as a (part-time) writer.

This, currently, does not trouble me.


I have a day job which provides just enough impetus to force me back to the writing desk when the working day is over (see Reason #1 above).

I have a long-term plan for my writing, which focuses on improving my craft with every novel I write (see Reason #1 above).

And I have a supportive partner who encourages me to focus on the dream of being a novelist, while reminding me how I can work towards achieving that goal (see Reason #1 above).

Maybe I’ll never be hungry enough to write with the prolific speed of the pulp masters.

Maybe I’ll never be good enough to write a masterpiece that endures.

Maybe I’ll never learn how to make characters people like, instead of ones whom readers hate.

Who can tell?

But one thing I do know: having finished SHADOWBOX this summer, I’m one step closer to that body of work.

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Grumpy Old Bookman’s Fame & Fortune

Meandering through the back issues, as it were, of the Grumpy Old Bookman blog, I found a few interesting snippets.

The site is a wry and honest* (cynical?) take on the  publishing business from a British perspective, and pegs itself neatly to the ground about the business of writing. Useful to have that sort of perspective to hand when faced with those who insist that I, too, can be a best-seller by blogging my way to free giveaway million-download instant success.

This post, titled Fame & Fortune Await You, caught my eye recently, with a taste of what it’s like on the traditional side of the business:

You write a first novel which is respectably reviewed, and this creates such a windstorm of interest among booksellers that they order 200 copies of the next one.

Go read the rest of the post. I’m off to revise my sales target spreadsheet!

*Especially gloomy about novels, heheheh. I defy you, Mr GOB. Then again, I don’t have your years of experience. Yet. Mwuhahahahah… or something.
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