The Cuckoo Club Archives: 2021

This was my 2021, a snapshot of time through a window of global upheaval and loss, against the backdrop of Year Two of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ve tried not to edit out references and responses to national and world events, but I haven’t made copious notes. Other sources are available to fill in the background against which these writings played out. There’s a whole Wikipedia section on the pandemic, for example.

My personal circumstances are unusual, which makes this record peculiar and probably unrepresentative. This might make my musings sound smug, self-serving and egotistical. My pandemic so far has been shielding, masking, and staying at home, grateful I’ve made life choices which enabled this, and sheer luck, both for myself and those who live with me.

If this pandemic had happened at any other time in my life, we wouldn’t have had the resources to weather it so well.

Still time for that to go haywire, too.

The book is an edited version of posts published on this site throughout the year, gathered in one place and with links removed for ease of publication. If you read the posts individually on the blog (start here), you’ll get links to other writers I look to for inspiration, stories I found interesting, news snippets, music, references and more.

Here’s where to find the book online.

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Paperback version to follow via, check out the link for availability. I’ll update it once the book is online.

Also available (soon) via XinXii, keep checking the link for updates if this is your preferred source.